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My name is Ian and I’m an Englishman living in the UK. I’d never been to Las Vegas until the year 2000 when I made my first trip. I fell in love with it immediately and since then I’ve spent up to eight weeks a year there, each and every year.

Each time I travel from the UK. I like to think that over so many visits I’ve learned pretty much everything there is to know about getting there and making the most of my time in Las Vegas. I’ve created this blog to pass on some of that information to you and because I just love everything Vegas!

This blog is not intended to be an ordinary travel guide, you can buy those – it comprises my personal experiences, the wrinkles I have developed to get the most out of every trip and my recommendations. They are just that – my personal views and you may well disagree with them (no legal liability, blah blah) but I hope they help you in enjoying Vegas as much as I do.

Each section of this blogs seems to take me days to compile so I’ll be releasing them sections at a time. What you want may not be online yet but feel free to send me comments with details of what you want to know and I’ll get back you if I can help. I post as ‘eilv’.

Photographs on this site were either taken by me or advertised as free of copyright and have been reproduced in good faith accordingly. If you assert copyright to any such material please advise me in writing. Similarly, all links to external websites have been provided for your assistance and I cannot be held responsible for the content of those sites.