I’ve just returned from a week’s stay at Planet Hollywood or PH as they like to call it. Here is a bullet point summary:

  • Lobby flooded
  • No buffet for the entire week
  • No cafe for the entire week so nowhere to eat a proper breakfast at all
  • Two shootings
  • Escalators out of action
  • Some of the elevators working some of the time with major lines at busy times
  • All the good slots out of action for four days


Depending on who you listen to either the sprinkler system fractured or the sixth floor pool leaked and caused a major flood on the ground floor which in turn ran into the basement damaging everything in its path. This may have been an installation defect which would lead to an insurance claim or it may have been due to lack of proper maintenance. Either way accidents do happen.

It is not PH’s fault that two scumbags decided to rob one of the Miracle Mile outlets then shot the two security guards who gave chase. Scumbags do happen.

My grievance is the response from the PH hierarchy. It took an eternity to cordon the affected areas off properly. For days there were simply lines of chairs here, there and everywhere. It was not until day five that a flyer was pushed under my door (no doubt in response to mass complaints) advising that we should eat at Starbucks as an alternative to the buffet and 24 hour cafe. I did nearly cause a further flood as I laughed so hard.

When I was leaving I wrote a very polite and sympathetic email to PH commiserating with their misfortune but questioning what they would be doing for us guests whose stay, if not entirely ruined, was much affected. In fact I only asked for an upgrade on my next visit, I could have asked for much more. Here is the reply:

While we apologize for the regrettable experience you encountered, we are not offering compensation in this matter. I am however sorry for the inconvenience I feel certain that your next visit with us will be a great one.’

Obviously, you know me and I won’t let this rest but can there possibly be a better way to cause a PR disaster?

I am in two minds now. I have a reservation in November. Do I really want to go back to PH when they don’t give a s**t? Is it reasonable to advertise facilities, for them not to be available then tell disgruntled customers to p**s off? There was literally nowhere to have a proper breakfast for an entire week.

Please message me if you think I’m wrong or, indeed, if you think I’m right!

STOP PRESS. Since posting the above, my host, Traci, has emailed me apologising to some extent but offering me an upgrade to a Resort Vista Suite. Assuming that proves to be the case I will take some photos, post them and do a review for you.

Written by eilv