When they built the new terminal T3 at McCarron Airport we all hoped it would bring about big improvements on what was an inadequate international terminal. It’s certainly a magnificent, spacious building but that’s where the plus side ends. For some unfathomable reason they moved the taxi rank about half a mile back along the kerb side so now we have a very long walk from the door by which you exit arrivals. The kerb outside where the taxi rank used to be is completely empty and unused.

That’s small beer however compared to the appalling attitude of the TSA staff. It doesn’t matter how wonderful the building is if the same miserable, unhelpful, obstructive staff move over to the new terminal. Saturday was a prime example. There was one, yes one scanner in action for the whole terminal. The queues from both directions were so long they had to stop checking passports as the lines went out into the concourse.

The sarcasm from the staff was amazing to hear. This wouldn’t be tolerated anywhere else and certainly not in a UK airport all of which remain light years ahead of their US counterparts.

If the sign says ‘take your laptops out of your bags’ that’s what you do; you don’t take your tablets out. If they wanted both out the sign should say so. If they want shoes off the sign should say so. The system seems designed to be as unwieldy and slow as possible. it took nearly an hour to get through security on a Saturday evening when it was quiet so leave yourself lots of time to save embarrassment.

There is a duty free shop of sorts but it’s the kind of establishment you would expect to see in a small, regional airport in the UK – like Southend for example, not a major international airport with an enormous footfall.

Finally there is a pay to use lounge – The Club at LAS. It sounds great but don’t let that mislead you. The staff do their best but it’s woefully lacking in facilities and seating. The only hot food is usually soup, everything else consists of snacks and there is no table service let alone a shoeshine or a spa. We do it so much better over here.

Written by eilv