As you know I like Omaha. I’m really not a fan of Texas Hold’em. Once you’ve played Omaha you should agree with me. There’s much more to it, more variety, more subtleties and it’s a much better gambling game. Also, a lot of players are very bad at it!

When I frequented the Venetian I always put my name down on the Omaha interest list and, from time to time, we’d eventually get a game going. It wasn’t guaranteed to last and some days it never started but at least there was a game to look forward to.

Increasingly the game never started. The Venetian reduced the size of the poker room on top of the increased rake from each pot, the reduction in comps from $2 to $1 and they introduced jackpots. Me, I can’t stand jackpots. They encourage players to hang around and do as little active play as possible in the hope of landing one. Worst of all they cost all of us $1 from every pot yet the chance of ever winning one is hundreds of thousands to one.

Regrettably therefore I played my last hand of poker at the Venetian in December 2016 and I moved to what the Venetian dealers call the ‘A place’ – Aria.

If it’s Omaha you want you can get it there in Spades. A game of 1-2 PLO will start every day by 10.30am if it hasn’t continued from the night before. By noon you can expect at least one 2-5 PLO. During the last week it was not uncommon to see two 1-2 tables, two 2-5 tables, a 5-10 table and even a 25-50 PLO table. The 1-2 variety isn’t small or dull. The 2-5 version is big.

You get $2 an hour in comps and it quickly mounts up. You can have food brought to the table or the buffet is just upstairs. Lemongrass restaurant serves some of the best Chinese food on the Strip to your table. The massage therapists are great and they start work much earlier than at the Venetian. I have no complaints about the cocktail waitresses. You can phone in and take your place on the list.

If you don’t want to pay big $ to stay at Aria itself you can stay at the Monte Carlo next door. It’s very modestly priced and it’s just a short indoor walk to the Aria poker room. If you don’t want to pay the dreaded MGM resort fee Planet Hollywood is about an 8 minute walk away but beware their bad attitude.

Written by eilv