I try to make it to at least one show each time I visit and this time the free tickets came from X Country at Harrahs.

This show comes from the ‘X stable’ which also produces X Burlesque, X Rocks, and X Comedy. Advertised as “A Kick’n Topless Revue,” the show features “a combination of traditional and contemporary country music chart toppers. The X Country Girls writhe and contort while leaving nothing to the imagination. True to the X brand, the X Country Girls are the most beautiful and talented on the Las Vegas Strip, who will tease and seduce the audience to country music’s most popular songs!”

Well, that’s what the blurb says. This is a 10.30 pm adult only show that’s surprisingly dark on Friday and Saturday (I guess the girls are otherwise engaged) but you can view it every other night of the week. I was really surprised how busy it was when I went on a Wednesday. Not full by any means but probably 75% sold out. Tickets are advertised as starting from $36.23. Mine were free but x country 2I would certainly pay $40. The show lasted about an hour and a quarter with a short, very blue, comedy set in the middle. One of the performers from X Comedy came along and was sufficiently funny I might take that show in next time. He picked on various audience members and his humour was as spontaneous as it was good.

The audience was a very strange mixture. If I said the front row consisted largely of aging perverts I wouldn’t be doing them a disservice. Letching pretty much summed it up. I thought one guy might either explode or reach inside his pants. Behind them however there were a fair mix of couples and groups, certainly not an all-male crowd.

There were five girls performing – I imagine they rotate them from time to time but I recognised at least two from the promotional videos and material. They performed ‘scenes’ individually, in pairs, trios and altogether. There were various props including a seesaw, a little horse, a bath, a shower and an old truck not to mention something akin to a piece of gymnastic equipment. Many of the routines started clothed to some extent and most clothes fell off or were removed as the song progressed.

One of the oddest routines, which incidentally drew some of the loudest applause from the pervert section, was when the poster girl came on dressed in a wedding dress, managed to remove it, climb into a little tin bath and douse herself in water – all to music.

Some of the routines were very energetic. My wife would have enjoyed it, not for the raunchiness but because there was more than a little cellulite on show despite these being very fit young ladies aged only from about 25 to 35.

x country 3Did I enjoy it? Absolutely. The show was about the right length and the comedy intermission added something. There was the opportunity to buy a drink before the show started but it wasn’t too hard sell or too expensive. The waitress came round twice more I think during the show. The music was right down my alley consisting mainly of Country classics and the dancers all did a good job. The lighting and props were all well done and, to tell the truth, I haven’t been to a show like this before. Choreographed soft porn to music would not be an unreasonable description but that can hardly have been a surprise to the audience given the marketing. All in all, a late evening well spent.

Written by eilv