I promised you a report of my stay at The Linq in March 2016 and here it is. Sorry for the delay but I caught something very nasty (no, not Downtown), brought it back to the UK and have been spreading it ever since.

The Linq is one of the newest hotels in Vegas and, at the same time, a reincarnation of something old and not too nice. The Linq occupies the site of what once was the Imperial Palace. It was majestically located across the road from the Mirage and only a short walk from the Venetian but the hotel itself was pretty dreadful. Mirrors on the bedroom ceilings were among the highlights.

Caesars Entertainment did a brilliant job in refurbishing the ground floor level. As you enter from the direction of Harrahs or through the new main entrance you walk into a bright, wide open space that looks new, clean and lively. The gaming tables and machines are well and widely spaced and there is the sense of open space in which to walk without jostling or bumping into other patrons.

The Linq is trialling a number of self-serve check in kiosks. They are located just round to the left after you come in through the main entrance. Beyond that is a conventional check in area for those Luddites among you but you may have to wait in line rather longer than if you do it yourself. Because I have a Diamond TR Card I was able to use Diamond registration which lies just to the right of the main entrance. It took a only a few minutes to receive my key cards and to be directed to my room.

Accommodation is grouped by Area and number. I was directed to Area 2 to take the appropriate elevator. I walked past the Area 1 elevators located next to the Bell Desk. The Area 2 elevators are to be found just past the Purple Zebra. There are a bank of four. There is a sign to the side advertising ‘additional elevators’. An additional bank of three lies to the rear of the main elevators. Herein lies my only real criticism of The Linq.

It took what seemed to be an eternity for an elevator to arrive. There were a lot of us wanting to use it. We crammed in and stopped at most of the floors. I had been told that the Linq is very noisy so I requested a room on the top floor and they were happy to oblige me. Ignoring the penthouse, the top floor is 20 where the rooms are numbered 22001 to 22064 and 12001 to 12055 or so.

high rollerLater, on returning to the ground floor, it again took a long time for the elevator to arrive at my floor and it often took an even greater time to make it down to the lobby such was the extent of the usage. It seems that these are the original Imperial Palace elevators. Sure, they have been made over inside but they must be at least thirty years old by now and possibly don’t function as efficiently as new ones would.

I soon learned not to use the front four elevators but to use one of the three additional elevators tucked in behind them. These were much less heavily used and didn’t take so long to arrive or to make the journey.

After a few days I went wandering and instead of following the signs from my room on the twentieth floor to the elevators I walked in the opposite direction through the corridors housing rooms numbered 12001 to 50. I found that if I walked past them I came to another bank of three elevators. These turned out to be the Area 1 elevators that come out by the bell desk. These were hardly used at all by comparison with the Area 2 lifts and so I used these for the remainder of my stay. I have no reason to believe that this wouldn’t work for you whatever your floor.

As for my room it had well and truly been made over. The only apparent vestige of the Imperial Palace days was the floor-mounted air conditioner. It had obviously been serviced and tied into a wall-mounted thermostat system but it was not the quietest although sufficiently efficient. Everything else appeared new. The bathroom door was a large sliding affair. The bath and shower were separate and ‘marble effect’. There was a flat screen TV and the bed was really very comfortable. There was no view to speak of but that is of no importance to me.

I didn’t find the room noisy at all but I had taken the precaution of a high floor. There was the occasional banging of doors but you get that everywhere. The room was serviced promptly every day. I have no reason not to recommend the Linq as a modestly priced hotel at the Northern end of the Strip.

The common facilities include a gym situated at the back of the Spa on the sixth floor. This had more than enough Technogym equipment and, big bonus, it is accessible 24/7 with your room key.

I’ve touched on the ground floor facilities. Opposite the bell desk is the entrance to O’Shea’s. I found myself spending many evenings there playing Three Card Poker and listening to the live band or DJ. It is very loud and lively so it won’t be for everyone but Jackie the waitress was very friendly and efficient. You can walk through O’Shea’s and onto the Promenade that runs from the Strip to the High Roller. Alternatively you can walk through the Linq and into Flamingo from where you can pass, in turn, into the Cromwell bringing you out opposite Caesars Palace.

The only restaurant I tried was Hash House a Go Go which you access from an elevator or escalator near the Level 2 elevators. The food is frankly a bit weird and you will love it or hate it. I was served what must be the world’s largest pancake which I couldn’t finish. ‘Does anyone ever finish?’, I asked. ‘Yes’, said the server, ‘Americans’.

Would I recommend The Linq to you? Absolutely. It’s a similar price to Harrahs and if you want to be at this end of the Strip it’s good value. You’re handy for the High Roller although I can’t imagine you riding it more than once. It’s not that far to the Venetian via Harrahs. Personally I hate that part of the Strip near Casino Royale where the pavement narrows and you get caught up among the sellers, bums and dawdlers. I prefer to walk through the parking garages at the rear. Just in case you’re of a similar mind here’s a video I shot showing you the way. Just reverse it to get from The Linq to the Venetian – Venetian to Linq. Enjoy!

Written by eilv