Story updated below!

I’ve resisted passing this on until now but the criminal proceedings have apparently been disposed of by a plea bargain so here it is.

You’ve heard of the Mile High Club but what about the 550 feet Club? It was bound to happen eventually or rather, from what I can gather, it was bound to be caught happening – you guessed it – a couple have been caught having sex on the High Roller, in cabin 16 to be precise.

Philip Panzica III, 27, and Chloe Scordianos, 21 were seemingly banged to rights (pun intended) as visitors in the neighbouring cabins recorded their antics on their smartphones some of which footage then made it online. The pair apparently said that they had an expectation of privacy in their cabin which seems strange given that it was a see through glass / perspex bubble.

“They believed that they were down on the floor and nobody could see them,” an officer said. “They didn’t have intentions to commit a crime.” Arrest records cited by a local newspaper showed the wheel’s managers may have lingering concerns. LINQ executives told Las Vegas police that public indecency is on the rise, “which they fear will impact the reputation and business operations.” Whatever, the perps were arrested.

Getting caught having sex in public is a felony in Las Vegas and therefore the prospect of some hard time was a reality for the couple (pun again intended). The charges were however this week reduced in a plea deal hence I report the story to you.

My enquiriehigh rollers suggest that High Roller sexual misbehaviour is increasingly common. The High Roller is the world’s tallest observation wheel, and it’s gaining a reputation as one of the planet’s tallest no-tell motels as well. Officials associated with the attraction shrug and admit that, yes, they have heard of something called the “High Roller Club” and that the attraction does on occasion turn into an amateur pornography studio.

As the Review Journal postulated: ‘When Caesars Entertainment chose to market the ride as “The Happiest Half Hour in Vegas!” do you suppose this is what its executives had in mind?’ Half an hour, who are you kidding?

I promised you the update. This story just keeps on giving. So, Chloe Scordianos from Hicksville, New York (I kid you not), the woman whose 21st birthday celebration involved more than a peck on the cheek, has pleaded no contest (guilty) to a misdemeanour disorderly conduct charge and is not now expected to appear in Court in Las Vegas.

The other participant, Philip Frank Panzica III did not get off so lightly. He was shot dead in Houston, Texas not long after the incident on 19th March in an apparent robbery and carjacking.

The two alleged assailants have been charged with murder in Harris County District Court in connection with Mr Panzica’s death. It seems he might have been targeted by the men who saw him flashing $4,000 in cash — money he was paid by the tabloid TV show “Inside Edition” for an interview about his High Roller liaison.


Mr Panzica was shot at least five times then dumped in the road. The ‘stripper’ who was in the car with him was ordered to get out, her purse was taken and the men drove off in her car. A local sheriff’s deputy saw the car speeding as fast as 100 mph and began to chase it. Multiple law enforcement agencies were involved in the ensuing pursuit which ended in Concho County. As police were chasing the car, they saw something that appeared to be “consistent with a handgun” thrown out of the window. The men who were later picked out of an identification parade had “large wads of cash” on them when they were arrested.

Who’d have thought all of this would flow from what is usually a fairly mundane trip on a glorified ferris wheel? Only in the USA, only in Vegas baby!


Written by eilv