How do you know it’s getting a lot warmer in Las Vegas? Pool season is upon us, March Madness has arrived and the ladies are wearing less clothes. All good indicators but there’s one annual event that proves that Spring has well and truly sprung. Mojave Max, the famous Southern Nevada desert tortoise, officially emerged from his burrow on Tuesday afternoon .

Mojave Max lives in Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. Like other Southern Nevada reptiles, he enters a burrow to brumate every winter and emerges every spring. (I’ve heard Chicago Bears fans say the same thing). What’s more this is the second-earliest emergence in the history of the Mojave Max Emergence Contest, which started in 2000. The Red Rock is also one of the nicest casino resorts in the area so double up your visit to see Max with a stop at one of the better buffets in town.

Tuesday’s temperature was about 75 degrees following highs in the low eighties during the preceding ten days. This time of year can see large swings in the Las Vegas temperature.

Written by eilv