You associate Death valley with a few things: being barren, hot and dead included. Not so at this time of year though.

In my earlier poDeath Valleyst on Excursions from Vegas I recommended a drive through Death Valley which really isn’t that far away. It should take you a little over two hours to drive there. Just head up US 95 to Amargosa valley then hang a left on the 373 and you’re there. It’s very well signposted.

Death Valley always blooms just a little every spring. But when conditions are right like they have been this year, with well-spaced rainfall and low winds, the desert becomes carpeted with wildflowers. Rains have been gentle and penetrated deeply into the soil to germinate dormant seeds. The ground warmed slowly, allowing roots to develop. A moist, El Nino weather pattern kept the flowers watered as they grew. Blooms start in the valleys and will work their way up to the tops of the mountains through the spring and early summer making a lovely desert vista.

Written by eilv