Las Vegas residents are celebrating today as gas prices have finally fallen below $2 a gallon. Nevada petrol prices have always been higher than many other parts of the USA. AAA recently released a report showing that Nevada’s average gasoline price was $2.19 per gallon for regular unleaded compared to the national average of $1.73 per gallon.

petrolPrices are falling because of oversupply of crude oil on a local and national level but it’s not unusual for prices to drop in January and early February anyway because people don’t drive as much and there’s less demand for fuel.

Will Speer, a senior petroleum analyst with said he expects Las Vegas gasoline prices to continue their decline for the next two to three weeks. It won’t reach the most recent low of $1.72 per gallon in December 2008, but Speer said it could hover just above $2 per gallon.

The lowest gasoline prices in Clark County this week were $1.88 per gallon at Fills at 355 E. Silverado Boulevard but by Wednesday afternoon, Smith’s, 2385 E. Windmill Lane and Circle K, 8835 S. Eastern Avenue, had even lower prices at $1.83 per gallon.

I mention this as every time I visit Vegas the locals are complaining about the price of gas. When I point out to them that we pay up to $11 a gallon they don’t know what to say!


Written by eilv