Odd question, I know, but if you are a Leprechaun then Las Vegas is the place you need to be right now.

leprechaun‘The World’s Largest Leprechaun Gathering’ is to take place this coming Saturday, 13th February at 8am at Town Square, Las Vegas. It’s for charity and it’s all about beating a Guinness world record currently (and unsurprisingly) held in Ireland.

Here’s the link so the website if you want to know more.

santa runVegas is famous for this sort of thing. In addition to mass Elvii gatherings (that is the correct Latin plural of Elvis by the way) why not joint me for the Santa Run, Downtown on Saturday 3rd December 2016? Last year we managed over 8,000 participating santas and this year the hope is to make five figures – all for charity.

Written by eilv