Superbowl weekend is nearly upon us and, as I’ve told you elsewhere, this is one of the most manic times in Vegas in the entire calendar. Every property is falling over themselves to entice you watch the game with them and to spend your Dollars in their establishment. None have done more to attract your attention than the folks at South Point – a taxi ride from the South end of the Strip beyond Mandalay Bay.

What would advertise the size and quality of your sportsbook more than a visit from a Clydesdale horse? I saw some photographs of a horse in a casino on Twitter and had to look into it further. A Clydesdale is a type of shire horse used for pulling brewery drays and the like in years gone by. They are amongst the largest horses on the planet and this must be one of the best behaved of them. Seeing it led past the craps table and through the casino to the sportsbook, just feet from bemused players, was a sight to behold.

While I’m on the subject of the Superbowl, which I will be watching here in the UK (even though I habitually fall asleep during the half time show) a worthy mention for this bitter offering from a Chicago Bears fan: bears

As a supporter of Southend United FC here in the UK I truly understand your pain.

And I did fall asleep as predicted. Arguably one of the most yawn-inspiring Superbowls in living memory. Great defence has its place but not in the cup final.

Written by eilv