If you flew into or out of McCarron airport from the UK more than a couple of years ago you will have used the facilities at Terminal 2. When I say ‘facilities’ I really mean ‘lack of facilities’ since there were so few and it was such a terrible terminal for such a major airport. The duty free shop was the size of a broom cupboard, there was a small Burger King franchise, a PGA booth on wheels that sold a very limited amount of golf clothing and paraphernalia and, I think, one bar.

Terminal 2 has sat empty since 2012 when the new Terminal 3 opened. Now it’s in the process of being demolished.

According to Christine Crews, of McCarran Airport, the terminal was checked for asbestos and salvaged for reusable parts. There are no immediate plans for the space, Crews said and did not provide a timeline for demolition to be completed.



Written by eilv