Within the sections:

  • The Strip
  • Downtown
  • Outlet Malls

I explained that these areas are all safe in their own right. You’ll find few places in the world that attract so many visitors and revelers that are as safe as The Strip. I’m happy Downtown, at the malls, the cinemas, the outlying casinos and the like but the issue here is how you get from one to another.

I explained about the Deuce that runs from The Strip to Downtown. You can walk The Strip and within Downtown but, as a general rule don’t walk from one area to another and certainly don’t do so at night. Really this is just common sense advice. Take a taxi. No, I’m not sponsored by Taxicabs of Las Vegas, I just want you to have a good and safe visit and to be able to come back again. Avoid ‘The Rest’ unless you have a particular reason to go there and, if you do, take a car or a cab.

Written by eilv